Hello guys So today i will how to make your instagram account to privately.

So before going to the tutorial first of all why we do this process?

So let’s goto our tutorial…

1. First of all i try to open my instagram application via my new android mobile.

2. And this is my home page section and also my news feed is ready to use.

3. So before going to the settings first of all complete your instagram account login or sign up processes.

4. Once the login process is completed now in this section you can press that person icon and it is located at the bottom.

5. And this is my instagram public profile but i try to change it, so in this profile section you can press that horizontal lines icon and this icon is

6. placed at almost top of right side, and then press “Settings”.

7. And these are the some account related settings so you can scroll down and then locate “Private account”.

8. So finally i get your private account settings so just click to enable it.

But it shows one notification so people’s remind one thing so before going to enable any settings just read that setting informations.

So here it shows when your account is private only people you approve can see your photos,videos and stories on instagram.

So once you read this notification just click to “Ok”.

Finally this setting is successfully enabled, and my account is switched to privately.

So this is the way you can easily set your instagram profile to privately.


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